Milatos Port

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Milatos Beach

Milatos is called the Fishing Village because of it's Fish Tavernas. All of them are excellent - really if you cook fish every day for a living you must be good at it. The Greeks swarm here at the weekends to feast in the tavernas. There are many hotels and apartments here. Ranging from little 2 people apartments to great big huge complexes. All Inclusive if you choose but if you do choose these do not just stay in them and miss out on the ambience of the Village. We are split into two - the lower half is called Milatos Paralia ( that means it is the beach) and the upper is Epano Milatos ( because it is uphill). We have famous caves here - the Milatos Cave and from it you can view the Selinari Gorge. The place is a "twitchers" paradise with the ulltimate viewing being birds of prey and Griffin Vultures. It has a wonderful little harbour where fish are unloaded from daily and all day. I fell in love with Milatos - I hope it never changes but I feel that I must promote it. It is my lttle bit of paradise on Crete.


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Data for Port No. 41820, ITEA
Country: Greece Latitude: 38° 26' N
Geographic Region: 41710, GREECE WEST COAST Longitude: 22° 25' E
Publication 132 space Tugs Salvage N space Lifts  
Chart 54288 space Tugs Assist N space 200 Tons +  
Harbor Size V space Quarantine   space 50-200 Tons  
Harbor Type OR space Pratique Y space 25-49 Tons  
Shelter Afforded P space Deratt Cert   space 0-24 Tons  
Entrance Restrictions   space Other Y space Services  
Tide N space Communications   space Longshore  
Swell N space Telephone N space Electrical  
Ice N space Telegraph   space Steam  
Other N space Radio Y space Navig Equip  
Overhead Limits Y space Radio Tel Y space Elect Repair  
Channel Depth K space Air   space Supplies  
Anchorage Depth E space Rail   space Provisions N
Cargo Pier Depth M space Load/Offload   space Water Y
Oil Terminal Depth   space Wharves Y space Fuel Oil N
Tide   space Anchor Y space Diesel Oil N
Maximum Vessel Size M space Med Moor   space Deck N
Good Holding Ground Y space Beach Moor   space Engine N
Turning Area Y space Ice Moor   space Repair N
First Port of Entry Y space Medical Facilities Y space Drydock  
U.S. Representative N space Garbage Disposal Y space Railway  
ETA Message Y space Degauss   space    
Pilotage   space Dirty Ballast N space    
Compulsory Y space Cranes   space    
Available   space Fixed   space    
Local Assist   space Mobile   space    
Advisable   space Floating   space    
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