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Data for Port No. 41820, ITEA
Country: Greece Latitude: 38° 26' N
Geographic Region: 41710, GREECE WEST COAST Longitude: 22° 25' E
Publication 132 space Tugs Salvage N space Lifts  
Chart 54288 space Tugs Assist N space 200 Tons +  
Harbor Size V space Quarantine   space 50-200 Tons  
Harbor Type OR space Pratique Y space 25-49 Tons  
Shelter Afforded P space Deratt Cert   space 0-24 Tons  
Entrance Restrictions   space Other Y space Services  
Tide N space Communications   space Longshore  
Swell N space Telephone N space Electrical  
Ice N space Telegraph   space Steam  
Other N space Radio Y space Navig Equip  
Overhead Limits Y space Radio Tel Y space Elect Repair  
Channel Depth K space Air   space Supplies  
Anchorage Depth E space Rail   space Provisions N
Cargo Pier Depth M space Load/Offload   space Water Y
Oil Terminal Depth   space Wharves Y space Fuel Oil N
Tide   space Anchor Y space Diesel Oil N
Maximum Vessel Size M space Med Moor   space Deck N
Good Holding Ground Y space Beach Moor   space Engine N
Turning Area Y space Ice Moor   space Repair N
First Port of Entry Y space Medical Facilities Y space Drydock  
U.S. Representative N space Garbage Disposal Y space Railway  
ETA Message Y space Degauss   space    
Pilotage   space Dirty Ballast N space    
Compulsory Y space Cranes   space    
Available   space Fixed   space    
Local Assist   space Mobile   space    
Advisable   space Floating   space    
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