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Come to Greece Come to Greece and explore your time in the best place where history comes alive. You must have read about Zeus and the rulers in Greek mythology, wouldn’t you like to see how it feels when you can start living history and experience all the goodness that Greece brings you to. Read the Full Story
Poros - The Popular Destination Poros is a popular destination, with plenty of mooring spaces (can be crowded in August) that is a "must stop" if you are sailing in the area. It is considered one of the favorite destinations of many sailors from all over the world who choose to spend the winter season on their boat. Read the Full Story
Preventing Electrical Shocks Around Water! A number of my boating friends are from America and spend time in Greek waters. So when I came across a news release from the US-based, safeelectricity.org on how to help to prevent electrical shocks while boating, I became interested. Read the Full Story

Milatos Port

(Minor Ports)

Address : Milatos Beach
Town/Suburb/City : Milatos
State/County/Province : Lasithi
Country : Greece
Description : 

Milatos is called the Fishing Village because of it's Fish Tavernas. All of them are excellent - really if you cook fish every day for a living you must be good at it. The Greeks swarm here at the weekends to feast in the tavernas. There are many hotels and apartments here. Ranging from little 2 people apartments to great big huge complexes. All Inclusive if you choose but if you do choose these do not just stay in them and miss out on the ambience of the Village. We are split into two - the lower half is called Milatos Paralia ( that means it is the beach) and the upper is Epano Milatos ( because it is uphill). We have famous caves here - the Milatos Cave and from it you can view the Selinari Gorge. The place is a "twitchers" paradise with the ulltimate viewing being birds of prey and Griffin Vultures. It has a wonderful little harbour where fish are unloaded from daily and all day. I fell in love with Milatos - I hope it never changes but I feel that I must promote it. It is my lttle bit of paradise on Crete.

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In Greek Waters - Tips

When in a Greek marina or port, Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) are now to be found in mini marts, supermarkets, and other stores not just banks. There may be an ATM closer to your mooring, than you think.