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Voyages Under Way


Position 38:22.62N 22:23.29E


There is nothing like arriving in a beautiful old Greek harbour lined with traditional restaurants and bars to make you instantly forget the uncomfortable passage to get there.


    Galaxhi         Galaxhi


As we approached Galaxhi we were guided to an alongside berth by a very helpful chap who took our lines and welcomed us.



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On route to Galaxhi

Position 38:12.85N 22:57.66E


The small quiet bay where we anchored last night.


On route to Galaxhi


A busy morning with Mark testing the windless switch and cables and not detecting the fault, so more investigation needed.

I guess no job is worth doing unless it involves dismantling the boat to get access to the problem – but that will have to wait for another day.




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Corinth Canal

Position 37:54.9N 23:00.60E


We arrived at the entrance to the Corinth canal at 4.00pm, there were several yachts milling around waiting to go through so we decided that we would go on through that day and anchor in the Gulf of Corinth for the night.


After speaking to Canal Control on the VHF we were directed to the waiting pontoon to go and pay


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Position 37:30.41N 23:26.92E



We anchored for the night in NavyBay looking towards the town of Poros built high on the rocky slopes of a volcanic peninsular.

The approach into the landlocked bay was beautiful with pine trees lining the rocky coast line.


Poros   Poros


We took the dinghy ashore for a beer and a Beef Stifado for Mark, Mousaka for me.




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Be aware that when in Greek waters, when entering a port with facilities, under no circumstances step ashore without clearance from customs, immigration and health authorities.