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Yachting_Gr Flying to UK? Now in force, every arrival must pre-complete a Covid-19 declaration within 48hrs of arrival. WOW! https://t.co/QgSznz7HbU
Yachting_Gr UK Removes 14day Quarantine on Return for Vacationers to Greece – Brits in Crete https://t.co/AApNfZPWw2
Yachting_Gr Stunning Crete Sunsets – ADD YOUR PICTURE! – Brits in Crete https://t.co/OZPbfKYrBy
Yachting_Gr Subaru XV 2019 AWD 4×4 1.6 Petrol Automatoc still on warranty – Brits in Crete https://t.co/TFDVdiquSI
Yachting_Gr Covid-19 :: Are Direct Holiday Flights between UK and Greece Really Going to Happen? | Living in Crete: Get to Know… https://t.co/Z1uhWRZo3v


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In Greek Waters - Tips

In Greek waters, you must have proof of up-to-date VAT status for your EU registered yacht or boat. At all times ensure that your documents on board are always valid. Huge fines if not.