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Come to Greece Come to Greece and explore your time in the best place where history comes alive. You must have read about Zeus and the rulers in Greek mythology, wouldn’t you like to see how it feels when you can start living history and experience all the goodness that Greece brings you to. Read the Full Story
Poros - The Popular Destination Poros is a popular destination, with plenty of mooring spaces (can be crowded in August) that is a "must stop" if you are sailing in the area. It is considered one of the favorite destinations of many sailors from all over the world who choose to spend the winter season on their boat. Read the Full Story
Preventing Electrical Shocks Around Water! A number of my boating friends are from America and spend time in Greek waters. So when I came across a news release from the US-based, safeelectricity.org on how to help to prevent electrical shocks while boating, I became interested. Read the Full Story

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Chart: 54361/0
Harbour Size: Medium
Harbour Type: Coastal Natural
Shelter Afforded: Good
Entrance Restriction Tide: No
Entrance Restriction Swell: No
Entrance Restriction Ice: No
Entrance Restriction Other: Yes
Anchorage Depth: 66ft - 75ft/20.1m - 21.3m
Cargo Pier Depth: 36ft - 40ft/11m - 12.2m
Oil Terminal Depth: 56ft - 60ft/17.1m - 18.2m
Tide: 1
Maximum Size Vessel: Over 500 feet in length
Good Holding Ground: Yes
First Port of Entry: Yes
US Representative: Yes
ETA Message: Yes
Pilotage Compulsory: Yes
Pilotage Available: Yes
Pilotage Advisable: Yes
Tugs Salvage: No
Tugs Assist: Yes
Quarantine Practique: Yes
Communications Telephone: Yes
Communications Telegraph: Yes
Communications Radio: Yes
Communications Radio Telephone: Yes
Communications Air: Yes
Communications Rail: Yes
Load/Offload Wharves: Yes
Load/Offload Anchor: Yes
Load/Offload Med. Moor: Yes
Medical Facilities: Yes
Garbage Disposal: Yes
Dirty Ballast: Yes
Cranes Fixed: Yes
Cranes Mobile: Yes
Cranes Floating: Yes
Lifts 100 tons plus: Yes
Lifts 50 - 100 tons: Yes
Lifts 25-49 tons: Yes
Lifts 0-24 tons: Yes
Services Longshore: Yes
Services Electricity: Yes
Services Navigation Equipment: Yes
Supplies Fuel Oil: No
Supplies Diesel Oil: No
Supplies Deck: Yes
Supplies Engine: Yes
Repairs Available: Limited
Railway: Medium
Drydock: Medium
Located in: Greece East Coast
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11 °C

In Greek Waters - Tips

The Hellenic Coast Guard is efficient. If you are boarded at sea, always be courteous and answer questions in a friendly manner. If you are requested to proceed to nearest port, do so without a fuss.