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Blue Magic - News Feed

Blue Magic - Mark & Chris Dewey
  1. Eventful trip
    After full English ashore and another successful shopping trip for new T shirts for Ashley we departed the busy harbour of Fiskardo.

    There was little wind and we were expecting a gentle motor 17 miles to the Island if Meganisi.
    So you can imagine it was a little disconcerting when the engine revs began to dance about erratically.
    A lot of checks insued from the chief engineer and some reversing to see if there was something tangled around the prop.
    Nothing amiss it would seem .... until Mark realised that, despite filling two tanks with 1000 ltrs of fuel a few days ago, he was using the third empty tank !

    So we sat back and relaxed again, but it wasn’t long before the next drama.
    Just inside a fairly narrow channel the chart plotter, showing our position, route and chart, turned off and refused to be revived.

    Luckily we have an iPod with GPS and, after finally remembering our passcode, it was giving all the information we needed.
    Not to be out done the chart plotter came back to life and has been behaving perfectly ever since !

    We hoped to anchor in the bay of Spartahori but it is too deep so we are moored stern to a floating restaurant pontoon.
    Dinner out tonight after all !

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

    We climbed the steep steps to the village above for these photos of the bay, Blue Magic mast is bottom right.

    JPEG image

    Oh and there was a shop, which was lucky as Ashley hadn’t added to his t shirt collection for several hours.
  2. We are sailing
    A lovely day meandering along the coast of Ithaca, checking out the bays and stopping for a beer and a swim.
    The wind was quite strong as we left the corner of the Island on route to Fiskardo on the adjacent island of Cephalonia.
    It was a cracking sail with Ashley at the helm the whole way.
    We found a spot to anchor but it was steeply shelved and not good holding.
    Without lightweight/floating lines we didn’t fancy swimming to shore with a heavy rope to tie to the rocks.
    As luck would have it a couple of yachts were leaving the quayside and we were happy to take up the empty spot stern to the restaurants.

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

    Thank you ‘Jackamy’ for recommending cocktails in Theodora’s, a quaint little bar where you can sit upstairs with views over the harbour.
    Derry and Paul we are missing you - cheers !

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

    Pina coladas are good !
  3. Fiskardho
    Position 38:27.64N 29:34.54E

    Moored in the restaurant !

    JPEG image

    JPEG image

    Ready to find Theodora’s Derry !

    We have been pondering about the default mooring in this region, anchor down and stern tied to the rocks.
    Even with our competent crew on board we wonder if we can manoeuvre successfully into place without having to pull 28 ton of yacht around whilst balanced precariously on the rocks.

  4. Charlie’s Fatboy Light

    Anchored in the pretty town of Vathi on the Island if Ithaca.
    Sundowners with our new ‘Fatboy’ cockpit light, thank you Charlie.

    The light is operated by a disc that actually says ‘Fat boy’ - did you choose that label Charlie ?

    JPEG image

    Mark is quite underwhelmed with his selfie stick Christmas present but we like it !

    JPEG image

  5. Position update

    39:22.01N 20:43.08E

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

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