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Voyages Under Way

Vlikho - Two Tree Bay

38.45.725N 20.47.336E


We spent the weekend in Vlikho Bay – the strong winds that were forecast weren’t too bad  (Well Vlikho bay is very sheltered). We got some laundry done at the yacht club and did a few other boat jobs. We also managed to fit in some reading and relaxing.


On Sunday evening we dinghyed over to say goodbye to Sally & Tony


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Port Leone, Kalamos - Vlikho Bay, Levkas with a Quick Trip to Spartakhori, Meganisi

38.41.173N 20.42.105E


After another peaceful night in Port Leone we were trying to decide whether to stay another day or leave. The weather made the decision for us. While we were thinking about leaving the wind picked up from the east – which meant it was blowing straight into the bay. We knew we were fairly well set but thought it might be t


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August 2013, LETTER FROM CRETE, 35:29.50N 24:03.70E

JPEG image

August  2013, Letter from Crete, 35:29.50N 24:03.70E

27.7 After an extended stay in Bozburun we left at daylight to sail west and north up the Turkish coast. A nice reach in 30 knts changed to squalls of the same straight off the coast, so we decided to spend the rest of the day resting, anchored off Palamut harbour before leaving early to


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Sivota, Levkas - Port Leone, Kalamos

38.33.848N 20.53.263E


We stayed one more day in Sivota after everyone had left and had a quiet day exploring the village and reading then we sailed to Port Leone on Kalamos. The small village at Port Leone was abandoned in 1953 after an earthquake destroyed the water supply. The church is maintained by a  group of people from Kalamos


When we


Read more: Sivota, Levkas - Port Leone, Kalamos

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