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Voyages Under Way

Vlikho Bay, Levkas - Sivota, Levkas: Marina di Ragusa Reunion

38.37.442N 20.40.919E


As much as we like Nidri and Vlikho we decided we ought to go and explore some more of the Ionian. We left the bay about 9am – it was already very hot and there was no breeze at all. We were quite glad to start motoring and getting some air movement through the boat. We aimed for Sivota and had been advised to arrive around m


Read more: Vlikho Bay, Levkas - Sivota, Levkas: Marina di Ragusa Reunion

Spartakhori, Meganisi - Skorpios - Vlikho Bay, Levkas

38.41.080N 20.41.974E


After a leisurely morning it was time to leave the Taverna so the Lunch crowd could moor up. We motored a short distance to Skorpios Island where we anchored in crystal clear waters and went for a swim.


Skorpios Island was owned by Aristotle Onassis and was where he and Jackie Kennedy got married. Since his death the island


Read more: Spartakhori, Meganisi - Skorpios - Vlikho Bay, Levkas

BOZBURUN, TURKEY, end July 2013, 36:41.30N 28:02.50E



BOZBURUN, TURKEY, end July 2013, 36:41.30N 28:02.50E

In July, with an email from Roland’s doctor in NZ saying follow-up treatment could wait until our return end-September, we started planning our summer cruise of about 12 weeks. We plan to do a loop from Marmaris northwest to check out of Turkey somewhere north of Bodrum and sail to some of


Read more: BOZBURUN, TURKEY, end July 2013, 36:41.30N 28:02.50E

Port Kastos, Kastos - Spartakhori, Meganisi

38.39.664N 20.45.620E


Much as we loved Kastos we decided it was time to move on again – so we headed back North to Spartakhori. We set off ahead of Pyxis as we wanted to run our watermaker on the way and we can only motor at 3 knots when we make water. As we left Kastos picking up the anchor was quite easy as the water is so clear we could easily s


Read more: Port Kastos, Kastos - Spartakhori, Meganisi

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When in a Greek marina or port, Automated Teller Machines (ATM's) are now to be found in mini marts, supermarkets, and other stores not just banks. There may be an ATM closer to your mooring, than you think.