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Vlikho - Two Tree Bay

38.45.725N 20.47.336E


We spent the weekend in Vlikho Bay – the strong winds that were forecast weren’t too bad  (Well Vlikho bay is very sheltered). We got some laundry done at the yacht club and did a few other boat jobs. We also managed to fit in some reading and relaxing.


On Sunday evening we dinghyed over to say goodbye to Sally & Tony (Ron Glas) and then onto Melanie and Carl (Thala). Melanie and Carl talked us into going ashore for the evening for a last Pitta Slouvaki (Grilled Chicken Pieces in a Pitta wrap with chips, onions, tomatoes and Tzatziki  and for only 2.50 euros quite a bargain)at “The Office”. Yes it really is called that – it’s a lovely little family run Taverna. We think Mother and Son run it and they have a friendly competition to see who makes the most popular special each day.


We left Vlikho bay around 10am and set off to the mainland. We arrived a two tree bay and anchored.


Vlikho -> Two Tree Bay

Two tree bay – named due to there being only two trees in the bay – just in front of the yacht.


We still haven’t quite mastered the art of anchoring – especially in between two boats. We think we are in the middle when we drop the anchor – but we always end up closer to one boat than the other. Anyway we anchored and headed into the water to clean the hull. After a couple of sessions in the water we had cleaned as much of the hull as we can reach, hopefully this will help our speed a bit!!


In the afternoon the wind changed direction – and blew us round to be even closer to the boat we had anchored near. We got the hint when the boat near us put out their fenders that maybe we were a little too close. By now the bay was a little quieter as the day trip boats had left – so we raised the anchor and moved to a larger space. We then went back into the water to check the anchor had set. All looked good.


We had an early night as we were getting up early in the morning for our next hop.


Vlikho -> Two Tree Bay

Sunrise at Two Tree bay.

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