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Preveza - Vonitsa

38.55.421N 20.53.210E


After two weeks in Preveza (doesn’t time fly) we decided it was time to move on. We left our spot in the marina much to amazement of the Danish man in front of us. When we told him we were leaving he asked if we had a bow thruster – when we said no he was straight onto the pontoon with his boat hook ready to give us a push off. We used a forward spring (rope from the bow to a point in line with the middle of our boat on the pontoon). This meant when we motor forward against the rope our back end moves out and we could then reverse out of the space with no bow thruster! The Danish guy watched in amazement. Our main problem was trying to stop him pushing our bow when that was the last thing we wanted to happen. 


We then sailed down the Gulf of Amvrakia to Vonitsa. We did actually manage to sail – without the engine for a large part of the trip which was rather pleasant. We dropped anchor just in front of the castle at Vonista.


Preveza -> Vonitsa

Wanda all alone in the anchorage in Vonitsa


After a good night’s sleep we were woken up by a rather irate fisherman – our anchor was over his net. Rather sleepily we started the engine and raised our anchor. Unfortunately due to us twisting with the wind overnight his net was wrapped around our chain. We held his boat next to ours as he cut is net off our chain. We did feel slightly sorry for him – until he mentioned that this was always happening, maybe he needs to either mark his nets better or set them away from the anchorage!!


We had planned to go into town but as we had just re-set the anchor we were not too happy about leaving Wanda straight away so we spent the morning on-board. While we were sat in the cockpit we saw a dinghy heading towards us. We soon recognised Karen and Richard (PYXIS) whom we had not seen for 4 years (last time was in Cagliari) We had a quick catch up then arranged to meet up in the evening for an evening out.


After a quiet afternoon on board we went into town for the evening. We had a wander round the streets of Vonista – nothing too exciting. In fact the place had a bit of a run-down feel to it. We then met up with Karen and Richard and had a lovely evening out catching up with each other’s travels.


Preveza -> Vonitsa

The Castle at Vonista – which we didn’t explore. In the foreground all the other yachts were along the wall – I guess they didn’t have fishing net issues.



Authors: Wanderingdragon's Web Diary - News Feed

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