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Vlikho Bay, Levkas: You've broken the weather

38.41.173N 20.42.105E


We had a leisurely morning, catching up on blog writing and a few other boat jobs. Just before midday Karen rowed over to discuss what we were going to be doing today. As there was the possibility of thunder storms at our destination we decided to stay put for the day. We discussed the weather and Karen announced that since meeting us the weather had not been at all typical for this time of year and that “you’ve broken the weather”. We’ve never been accused of that before.


Anne had offered to go up Pyxis’ mast to check out a problem they had with their genoa furling (or non furling genoa as was the case). So we decided that now was the time to do it before the wind got up.  We collected up the bits we needed and dinghyed over to Pyxis. Anne was winched up the mast and as she always does in this situation took loads of photos. Her excuse is that taking photos of the bits at the top of the mast can make it easier to solve the problem as you can have more people look at what is going on up there. Of course there was also the opportunity to take a picture of Wanda in Vlikho bay. We think we have collectively worked out what is wrong with the genoa – and it’s something Richard and Karen can fix themselves – so that’s good.




Wanda in Vlikho bay taken from the top of Pyxis’ mast.


Stephen and Richard then went off to the chandlery in Nidri. Sending the boys off to the chandlery was always going to end in tears especially when Stephen joked he was going to buy a new boat. Stephen came back…..with a brochure for the new dinghy he wanted. Will I ever learn not to let him go shopping on his own ? J


After a quiet afternoon we dinghyed ashore early evening to go for a walk “up the hill” with Richard and Karen. An hour later we arrived at the bar we were aiming for. The bar is affectionately known as “Concrete Bill’s” apparently due to the bar owner having owned a concrete boat at one time. The views from up the hill were pretty good so it was well worth the walk. His beer tasted good although we suspect the long walk up the hill helped drive our thirst!




Authors: Wanderingdragon's Web Diary - News Feed

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