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Play time in Spinalonga

Position 35:16.04N 25:45.46E     ( subject to unexpected change )


Agios Nikolaos

After arriving back in Crete in the early hours of Monday morning we were amazed to find Blue Magic sparkling clean with the boarding ladder in place ready for our arrival, all thanks to the Jackamy crew – what stars !


It was lovely to see Paul & Derry along with Amy and Jack and Lola, it is over 2 years since we were all together on the water in far away lands.


So, time to play !



Blue Magic and Jackamy left the marina on Tuesday morning on route to Spinalonga lagoon just 10 miles along the coast.

We have enjoyed a great couple of days together, swimming, lunching, catching up with news and making the most of the sunshine.


Lunch on Jackamy lasted a record 10 hours !

Well, it would have been rude to leave without participating in Paul’s traditional Beans on Toast supper.

Although traditional is not quite the right description on this occasion since one tin of beans had to feed 7 so they were supplemented with ‘boiled out’ tomatoes, kidney beans, brown sauce and chilli flakes.

Surprisingly good on the palette !   (Recipe available on request)


Walk about

Thank goodness Jackamy were in the anchorage last night because Blue Magic decided to go a-wandering again.

With gusts of up to 35 knots our anchor became dislodged and we dragged at frightening speed away from the anchorage.

Paul was sat in his cockpit and noticed us take off, our radio was off so Paul and Amy jumped in their dinghy and came alongside shouting to wake us up !

All I have to say on this matter is that the GPS anchor alarm on Mark’s Ipad is brilliant and has been tested extensively, especially when Mark takes it ashore in the dinghy…. BUT it has to be turned on to work – enough said !


And we joke about Jackamy losing their dinghy ?


We waved good bye to Jackamy this morning, as the children fly home later today, it was very sad to see them go but we hope to sail together again next year.


Plan C

So back to Plan C……

The wind is continuing to gust and is not forecast to decrease until Monday, so we are planning to head out on Monday morning and sail overnight, to make up for lost time, to the Island of Idhra around  45 miles South East of the Corinth Canal.









Authors: Blue Magic - News Feed

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